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At Bundle ov Joy we believe in making parenting accessible for everyone which is why we proudly support LGBT couples. We work to help provide you with options in your commitment to build a family.

Compassion, Care
and Support

Creating families is not always done in traditional ways and not all families are what society may consider traditional.  


At Bundle ov Joy we believe any two loving people committed to each other deserves to have a family.  Along with our egg donor services we recommend reputable agencies for Surrogate services to help those in need to become a family.

The first step starts by getting to know more about you. Fill out form today to get started in the family built process with the Bundle ov Joy agency.

How to Get Started

The first step of the egg donor process here at Bundle ov Joy is by filling out the appropriate paper work. Click below to download the intended parent application. Once completed, forward the form to

Parent App
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